Watch out Cabo! Here comes the Laguna Beach crew. Everyone can't wait to leave Laguna ...that is everyone except for Jessica. After her hookup with Jason, no one knows what to expect when Jessica and Alex both decide to go to Cabo. Will Jessica and Alex fight it out? Luckily, Jason decides not to go to Cabo. As Kristin and Alex H. prepare to leave, they both plan on having a fun and crazy time. "What happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo" says Alex H as Kristin makes a toast to hot boys in their room at Mexico. Once the entire crew arrives in Cabo, the tension builds between Alex M. and Jessica. Jessica spends the entire time hanging out with Emily and not Kristin and Alex H. But Jessica certainly doesn't seem to be crossing Kristin's mind... she's too busy hanging out with Talan. Fighting erupts one night at a night club, when Alex M. spots Jessica entering the club. Emily begs her not to ruin everyone's trip, but no one can hold Alex back. The inevitable happens as the two girls caught in Jason's love triangle shout it out in a screaming match until Jessica finally gives in and apologizes. Still, this doesn't impress Alex M, as she says "You're one low chick."

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