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Trey has already gone off to college while the rest of the Laguna kids are hanging out at one last bonfire on the beach. Christina proclaims that this is probably the last time they are going to be together, or at least until Thanksgiving. While cooking marshmallows, Kristin states that she and Stephen had been to Tiffany's looking at rings. "Yeah, we're going to get married." says Kristin. LC rolls her eyes at Kristin's nuptial news. Later, Stephen calls up Trey to see how he's doing at college. Stephen gets his voice mail. Stephen then ask the Laguna cast to shout a greeting to Trey as he holds up his cell phone. The next day, Kristin is helping Stephen pack for his move to San Francisco. As they pack, Stephen and Kristin talk about who among their friends will like and dislike college. Kristin feels that LC would probably not enjoy the college experience. Kristin then asks Stephen if he is going to miss anybody while his away at college. "Yeah all my friends," Stephen says. Later on, Stephen and Kristin sit and watch the sunset from the roof of Kristin's car. Stephen tells Kristin she is the first and actual real relationship he'd ever had. Kristin then asks Stephen what the future of their relationship is going to be like. After a short discussion, they agree that they will have an open relationship. The next morning Stephen packs up his pick-up truck and drives up to San Francisco. Lo, Kaitlyn, and Jen are hanging at LC's house, helping LC pack her suitcase. Jen thinks that three months of clothes is a lot of clothes to bring. LC contests by stating that "you don't need to bring three months of clothes, you just have to do laundry." Alex reveals that she has never done laundry and states she only has "thrown it in." Later, LC's mom and dad drive her to the airport. LC's parents wave a teary good bye to LC as she goes through airport security. LC's arrives in San Francisco and exits the plane with a solemn look on her face. After retrieving her bags, she steps outside of the airport. At the curb is Stephen, waiting to pick her up. Kristin begins to smile as she places her bags in the back of Stephen's truck. As Stephen and LC travel across the Golden Gate Bridge, LC says, "Oh my God. I'm really on my own. I don't live with my parents anymore. Weird."

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