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Jessica is seriously missing Jason. So it's the perfect time to get away from Laguna. Jessica, together with Alex and Jeff, Kristin and Talan head out to Mammoth and hit the slopes. A weekend of snowboarding is sure to help, right? Meanwhile back in Laguna, Jason and Alex M are finally together. Jason fresh from his break-up with Jessica has asked Alex out. The two head out to a romantic dinner which the rest of the gang practices their moves out of the slopes? Which includes Kristin, Alex and Jessica picking up three cute snowboard instructors. LC and her friend Kaitlyn have also setout to Mammoth for the weekend, but spend most of it getting cabin fever. The two do make it out of the condo to meet Talan for lunch. Talan lets it slip that Stephen took Kristin out on Valentine's Day. Not cool. Speaking of Stephen, he flies back in to Laguna just long enough to meet up with Kristin after she returns home from snowboarding. The two share a cute lunch and plan to meet up again, this time at Stephen's college. As for Jessica, she spent the weekend pining away for Jason, calling him on the phone and complaining about him to anyone who will listen. Alex could care less, saying: "I don't think Jason really liked her in the first place."

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