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The Laguna Beach kids have planned an overnight camping trip on the beautiful island of Catalina. Christina will be staying on the mainland due to a singing engagement at her father's church, the Crystal Cathedral. Lo will also be staying around Laguna Beach because her father won't allow her to attend. Lo's father felt uncomfortable with the fact that the trip will not be chaperoned by adults. Stephen, Kristin, Alex S., Morgan, LC, Dieter, Jess and Trey board a private yacht and set sail for Catalina. On the way there, Dieter scares the girls with stories about hungry bears mauling campers for candy bars. The girls laugh off Dieter's stories but appear to be worried. The Laguna kids arrive at the campsite and set up camp. Afterwards, everyone goes canoeing except for LC. LC decides to stay at the campsite, sit in a lawn chair and read magazines. LC, not really enjoying the camping experience, makes a phone call to Lo. LC tells Lo that she wishes she was back in Laguna. After a fun day of canoeing, the Laguna kids return to the campsite. A pair of park rangers pay the kids a visit and warn them that due to the draught, bears wander into the campsites looking for food and water. Upon hearing the park ranger's warning, the Laguna kids begin to feel very uneasy. As night fall comes, the kids get ready for sleep. They hear the sound of a growling bear in the distance, which puts them on alert. The girls rush to get into their tent. Meanwhile, Dieter and Trey are helping Stephen put on a bear costume in their tent. Stephen, dressed as a bear, steps out of the tent and roams around the campsite. He spots the girls' location and pushes his way into their tent. The girls scream and forcibly push Stephen out. They were hardly amused by Stephen's stunt. The next morning, the kids get back on their yacht and head back to Laguna Beach.

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