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You can always count on Valentines Day to stir up some romance and heartbreak in Laguna. Steven is back and he and Kristin are having their third Valentines Day dinner together in a row. Alex H. and Kristin aren't positive it's a date, but Kristin thinks it probably is. A dateless LC gets a surprise visit from Lo, who brings along her boyfriend from college. LC is really happy Lo has found someone but can't help feeling a little lonely in the midst of the romance. After all, LC says, Valentines Day is just a way to make people feel worse about not having someone to share it with. Jessica spends the day preparing for a romantic dinner at her house with Jason. Jessica goes all out, even though she is pretty sure Jason won't appreciate it at all. Tensions are high during dinner and not only does Jason not appreciate Jessica's efforts, he tells her she went too far. Meanwhile, Kristin and Steven have an equally uncomfortable Valentines Day dinner together. Kristin wants to know if Steven has been dating and doesn't fully believe him when he says he hasn't. The next day, Steven stops by to surprise LC with some flowers. LC is overjoyed to see Steven and can't believe that he doesn't have a Valentine. But while things may be heating up between Steven and LC, things are ice cold between Jason and Jessica. Jason tells Jessica that they can't be a couple anymore. They get together to talk about their relationship and Jason apologizes to Jessica for treating her badly but says they can't be friends anymore either. A heartbroken Jessica goes to Kristin for support. Jessica is so upset since she and Jason were good friends for years before they dated. It's a terrible end to the Valentine season for Jessica, but Kristin saw it coming and thinks Jessica is better off without two-timing Jason. With all these single people in Laguna Beach, things can only get hotter.

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