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Who says the Laguna ladies are the ones to spark all the drama? Jason and Talan find themselves in the middle of their own relationship conundrums, with Jason living up to his title of "resident heartbreaker" with Jessica and Alex M., and Talan playing the field with Kristin and Taylor. But the girls can't let the guys hog all the drama for too long. Alex M., Taylor, and Morgan S. play a little payback prank on Talan, Jason, and Cedric by dousing their car with plastic wrap and silly string. Meanwhile, Jessica can't bring herself to believe that Jason has cheated on her, especially since a little surfing through Jason's cell phone call log turns up no evidence of infidelity. While the dueling duo is one to stay true to the relationship motto "kiss and make up" after fighting it out at dinner, it's apparent that Jason's and Jessica's relationship is more up in the air than ever. Can we say deja vu? It seems that Talan has his own case of deja vu when he has dinner with another of his Laguna gal pals, Kristin, who has her own questions about his relationship with Taylor. Talan answers with a loud "What?" and proclaims that he doesn't "get" Taylor. "I'm the nice guy who finishes last," Talan says. But will he "finish last" when it comes to a relationship with Kristin? Maybe so, seeing as Kristin openly admits to Alex H. that she plays games when it comes to guys. In the end, it turns out Kristin's not the only one playing relationship games. When Jason doesn't answer Jessica's two phone calls on the night they're supposed to hang out, it's clear that Jason's opted to stand Jessica up in favor of dinner with Alex M., Casey, and Cedric. Meanwhile, Taylor and Talan brawl at the beach over their on-again, off-again relationship. Taylor tells Talan to just go ahead and be with Kristin, while Talan says it isn't Kristin who's keeping him and Taylor from dating. "I don't want to crash and burn, Taylor," Talan says. Relationships crashing and burning in Laguna Beach? Sounds familiar.

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