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It's the tale of two birthdays in Laguna, and each one has more drama then the next. First, LC is headed south of the border to Mexico with her best guy friend Dieter, and her most wanted boyfriend, Stephen. Also joining them is Kaitlyn. The four enjoy a b-day celebration away from the confines of Laguna Beach. Second, Kristin is busy getting ready for her own birthday party. (Who knew that LC & Kristin were the same astrological sign?) She spends the day in full party prep mode and confides in her friends that she'd like to keep Taylor off the guest list. Speaking of Taylor, Talan escorts the blond California girl on a romantic Caribbean dinner date. There he 'fesses up that he's unattached because every girl he's ever tried to get close to has failed in comparison to Taylor. And yet the next night, his flirting with Kristin at the party is obvious. Good thing Taylor wasn't there to see it. LC has what seems like a dream date with Stephen -- well, she's entitled to one birthday wish. After a night out on the town in Mexico, she and Stephen find their way back to room 703, where Stephen puts out the "Do Not Disturb sign." But all good things must come to an end, and as the gang heads back to the states, LC has a hard time hiding her emotions. She knows that Stephen is headed back to San Francisco. The two exchange hugs, then as quickly as he re-entered her life, Stephen is off again. LC is left alone to make the drive home fighting the tears.

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