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The Laguna Beach cast have just graduated high school and are now enjoying the summer before they leave for college. Stephen and Kristin's relationship is the best it's ever been--they are having tons of fun together going swimming and surfing. While all Laguna kids are hanging on the beach, Christina reveals that she will be not be attending college. She has decided that she will be moving up to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Christina asks Kristin what her relationship is going to be like when Stephen is away at school. Kristin says they will break up. Christina tells Kristin that her decision is the right one. Later, LC and Lo go over to Talan's house to hang out in his hot tub. Talan jokingly asks Lauren if she would ever get into a "threesome." LC, shocked at Talan's question, says "no way, that's disgusting." Then Talan asks the girls for advice on his senior year. The girls say that during senior year only your true friends will stay friends with you. Afterwards, Trey has a BBQ at his house. Trey talks about how he's going to miss certain things in Laguna Beach that he can't get on the East Coast. The kids continue chatting and eating as LC glances at Stephen. Finally, most of the kids head home. Stephen is the last one to leave. Stephen reminisces with Trey about the good times he had at Trey's house. The next morning, Trey says goodbye to his dog and his parents, throws his bag over his shoulder and heads out to college.

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