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It's two weeks before prom and the Laguna Beach high schoolers are trying to figure out who they will take on their big night out. While hanging out at Morgan's house, Kristin shares that she has a secret admirer. Her admirer is leaving notes, asking her to the prom. Kristin and her friends make jokes and speculate on the identity of the "stalker." Later, a limousine picks up Jessica after school. The limo takes her to a park where Dieter is waiting with a dozen roses and a big sign that reads "Jess, Prom?" Morgan comes home and finds her room festively decorated with a short poem written on her glass door. The poem reads, "Of all the fish in the sea, prom with me? Love Gary." Immediately, Morgan calls Gary and gladly accepts his invitation. Trey invites his date to his backyard where on a bed sheet are rose petals and candles that spell out "Prom?" Trey's prom date glad accepts his request. Upon arriving at her house, Kristin finds a trail of flowers leading to her door. Kristin follows the trail into the house only to find a shirtless Stephen with the words "Prom?...please" written on his chest. Apparently, Stephen was the secret admirer and Kristin was fooled the whole time. Finally, prom day arrives and the cast gets ready for their big night. A super stretched out Hummer limo picks up the kids at their houses and takes them to Trey's house for a pre-prom party. Later, they pile into the limo and head to the prom. They dance and party the night away and eventually get back into the limo for their ride home. In the limo, Stephen and Kristin get into a deep conversation about the future of their relationship. Kristin feels that they will soon end it all, since Stephen will be away at college, whereas Stephen feels that they will still be together. The rest of the people in the limo can't help but listen to Stephen and Kristin talk. The limo arrives at Stephen and Kristin's destination and lets them out. Remaining in the limo are LC, Lo, Morgan and Christine. They put on their favorite CD and sing along.

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