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Alex M. has finally gotten what she wants--Jason, all to herself. Now, if only she could makeup with Alex H. and everything would be perfect! Trying to put the past behind them, Alex H. and Alex M. meet for dinner and decide that it is time for the two cliques of Laguna Beach to reunite. Back at Kristin's house, Jessica tells Kristin the devastating news that she just found out... Jason and Alex are officially a couple. Not exactly what she wanted to hear. To make matters even worse, Jason barely even talks to her. Later on, the entire Laguna crew meets at the beach for a night of late night bon fires, marshmallow roasting, and the latest gossip. Jessica and Alex M. leave the group to discuss Jason's new relationship. Alex promises Jessica that she doesn't want to hurt her and tells her "I would never kiss him in front of you." Promises are easily broken in Laguna. Jason arrives later to the beach, and Alex seems to forget about Jessica's feelings. Trouble begins to brew, as Jason's attention begins to drift away from Alex, straight back to Jessica. At dinner with Kristin, Alex. H., and Taylor, Alex M. senses a bit of déjà vu, when she finds out that Jason has been hooking up with Jessica. Alex confronts Jason about the hook-up, and asks him if he still wants to be with her. In true Jason fashion, he says "Yes and no."

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