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It's time for Winter Formal and that means the drama season is in full bloom. Alex M. and Taylor are pros when it comes to the tradition known as the girls-ask-guys to Winter Formal. Alex M. and Taylor have the ultimate surprise scavanger hunt planned for Talan and Jason. The only problem is their scavenger hunt leads to Jason agreeing to go to Winter Formal with Alex M., instead of his girlfriend Jessica. Kristin experiences her own share of Winter Formal stress, planning a surprise at longtime friend Ian's workplace. Meanwhile, Jessica settles for her friend Jake as a Winter Formal date. Just because she can't have Jason as her date doesn't mean she's not going to strut her stuff at the dance. As if the clash of the cliques couldn't get any steamier, Taylor's clique and Kristin's group show up at the same manicure salon. It turns out hair extensions and acrylics are the look of this season. At the dance, Jessica confronts Jason about his whereabouts the previous evening, only to have Jason laugh off her accusations. Jessica tries to find consolation in talking to some other guys about the Jason situation, but how much consolation can a girl really get when her boyfriend's dancing with another girl nearby? After the dance, Taylor and Alex M. stop for some post-party fast food. Meanwhile, Jason and Jessica fight it out in their limo 3:00 a.m.-style. Both are fed up with each other, but neither can let go. In another limo across town, Alex H. locks lips with her date Jeff, while Kristin and Ian maintain their good old-fashioned friendship boundaries. No post-Winter Formal kissing for Kristin this year. The next day, Kristin and Alex H. reminisce about their last Winter Formal. Kristin finds herself nostalgic about her two-and-a-half-year past relationship with Stephen. Is it Stephen she misses, or is she just tired of not having a boyfriend? She wonders. Over at the beach, Alex M. admits to Taylor that it was awkward dancing with Jason because of Jessica; she can't deny that Jason isn't exactly on the dating market. Little does Alex M. know that at that very moment, Jason's across town admitting to Cedric that he has a thing for her . . .

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