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With so many hotties living in Laguna Beach, one would think having a love life in Laguna would be easy. There's no telling exactly what's going on between LC and Stephen, but it is clear when they're sharing breakfast that the sometimes-more-than-friends pair stayed up until 4:00 a.m. the previous evening. Things between Kristin and Stephen seem to be officially over, leaving the chaos of their relationship to last year. Enter Jason and Jessica, Laguna Beach's newest drama-driven couple. Alex M. has turned out to be quite an obstacle for Jessica, who is constantly told by friends Kristin and Alex H. that boyfriend Jason is unfaithful to her. Jessica denies Kristin's accusations, which Kristin says are based on her own experience with cheating. Although Jessica refuses to dump Jason without solid evidence that he's cheating, she can't help but wonder when she hears about multiple meetings between Jason and Alex M. When Alex M. and Taylor run into Jason and Talan on the beach, Alex M. invites Jason to a poker party at Morgan's, but adds that he should come only if it's okay with Jessica. While getting ready to go out with the girls later that night, Jessica reveals to Kristin and Alex H. that Jason's hanging out with Cedric instead of her, only she doesn't know that "eating dinner" - as Jason says - means playing a prank on Alex M. and her friends. Meanwhile, LC divulges her thoughts on her much-improved relationship with Stephen to Lo. Could LC's and Stephen's late-night hang out mean the two are back on the more-than-friends track? Finally, Jessica confronts Jason about the relationship warnings she's received from her friends. When she asks Jason what he talked about with Alex M. the night before, Jason is quiet, and swears on his relationship with Jessica that nothing happened between he and Alex M. But Jason admits that he very well could be forgetting all that they talked about . . .

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